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Hours of Operation
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7:00am - 3:00pm

The Sand Lake Building Department assists its residents with local Zoning Codes, NY State Uniform Fire Prevention and Building Codes.  Because of the in-depth information with these laws, some information may seem confusing. Should you have any additional questions about these laws, please contact the Building and Zoning Inspection with questions.

Permits are required for items like signs, fences, swimming pools, sheds and side work. Other permits that are required by Zoning are reviewed by the Planning Board for compliance before permits are issued. There are many uses that require Zoning Permits and review.

New York State Law and Town Law mandate when permits are required. For example, permits are required for: new homes, commercial buildings, additions, renovations, accessory structures, swimming pools, wood stoves, fireplaces, furnaces, air conditioning installation, plumbing, etc. Please see the fee schedule for more items. If you are not sure that your project requires a building permit, please contact our office.

How long does it take to get a permit?
· Small project or addition - usually less than a week
· New Homes - one to two weeks
· Commercial project - varies

What do I need to submit for a Building Permit?

· Permit Application completed (Building Permit Application)
· Plans of project to be done ( 2 Sets)
· Insurance Certificate
· Other items as needed (may vary, case-by-case),
· Plot Plan
· Rensselaer County Health Department (Permit to Construct)

What's required for electrical work?
· Electrical inspections which must be done by an approved, 3rd party inspector.

Standing Rule:  Before ANY concrete is poured for ANY reason, contact this department for inspection.
   1.  After footings are formed before pouring
   2.  After foundation is formed before pouring
   3.  Before backfilling foundation
   4.  Before basement slab is poured (vapor barrier is required)
   5.  Rough framing and plumbing inspection before insulation is started
   6.  Electrical inspections are handled by third party companies (See below).
        One of these inspectors must be contacted for any electrical alterations or
   7.  After insulations are complete, before covering
   8.  Final certificate of occupancy/compliance.


Electrical Inspectors
The Inspector / Mr. Doug Hull / 663-7647


Middle Department Inspection Agency, Inc. / Mr. Paul Heroux / 273-0861


Atlantic-Inland, Inc / William Hanson / 781-4879


Mike Clark / 758-2151


Commonwealth Electrical Inspection Service, Inc. / Bruce Fairweather / 766-5547


Robert W. Meeson / 238-2229

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at 674-2026 ext. 16

Any alterations or deviations of the approved plans and specifications must meet with the approval of the design professional whose stamp and signature is affixed to such plans and specifications.  At the option of the code enforcement official, the approval may be either by letter, an as built plan or both, with the design professional's stamp and signature affixed.

Applicant/Owner is responsible to call for inspections. Failure to do so may jeopardize your certificate of occupancy. Please click here for important information.

Supervisor/Fire Inspector
Building Department
Mike Wager
Phone: 674-2026 ext. 16