Comptroller's Office

Comptroller's Office


The Comptroller's office is responsible for all fiscal matters and financial compliances for the Town of Sand Lake.  The office maintains the Town's accounting records which includes cash receipts, cash disbursements and payroll expenditures.  The Comptroller is responsible for preparation of financial statements and reports to Town officials and State Comptroller.  The office also assists with the preparation of the annual Town budget including working with the Supervisor, the Town Board and all department heads.



The Purchasing Office procures the best possible products and services, at the lowest price and best value in compliance with all applicable laws, policies and procedures of the Town and the State of New York.



Comptroller's Office Hours are Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 4:00 pm



Comptroller's Office
Melissa Elacqua
Phone: 518 674-2026 ext.114
Fax: 518 674-2133
Comptroller's Office
Jennifer Hallenbeck
Phone: 518 674-2026 ext. 137
Fax: 518 674-2133
2018 Town Budget (PDF - 12.7 MB)
2017 Town Budget (PDF - 7.2 MB)
2016 Town Budget (PDF - 13.7 MB)
2015 Town Budget (PDF - 25.6 MB)
2014 Town Budget (PDF - 5.8 MB)
2013 Town Budget (PDF - 14.9 MB)
2012 Town Budget (PDF - 15.7 MB)