Assessment Information

2018 Final Assessment Roll: 


The 2018 Final Assessment Roll can be found here.


2018 Final Assessment Roll




Starting this year property owners can review their assessment information through SDG Image Mate Online.  SDG provides a simple interface and affords users the ability to easily compare similar properties.


*Make sure to use the public accesss feature*


Access SDG here: SDG Image Mate Property Search



Past Assessment Rolls:

Older assessment rolls can be viewed by visiting the Rensselaer County website.


Old Assessment Rolls



About the Assessor’s Office:

The Assessor’s Office is responsible for the fair and equitable assessing of all property located within the town and the administration of property tax exemptions.  Our goal is to determine equitable and uniform values that reflect current real estate values and the economic environment within the Town of Sand Lake.  To meet our goal the Town of Sand Lake adopted the Uniform Assessment Standards in 2011. 


If you would like to learn how your property assessment is determined, you are encouraged to call and set up an appointment to meet with me. 



Recent Changes:

On April 12th, 2017, the Town Board voted to pass a local law increasing the income ceilings for the Partial Tax Exemption for Real Property of Senior Citizens (RP-467) and the Partial Tax Exemption for Real Property of Persons with Disabilities and Limited Incomes (RP-459-c).  Both exemptions use the same income schedule.  If you have any questions about these new limits please contact the Assessor's office.


Annual Income in Dollars & Percentage of Assessed Value Exempt from Taxation

Up to $29,000 50%
29,001 - 30,000 45%
30,001 - 31,000 40%
31,001 - 32,000 35%
32,001 - 32,900 30%
32,901 - 33,800 25%
33,801 - 34,700 20%
34,701 - 35,600 15%
35,601 - 36,500 10%
36,501 - 37,400 5%



Assessor’s Office Staff and Hours:

Office Hours:


9:00am – 4:00pm


9:00am – 4:00pm


9:00am – 4:00pm


9:00am – 4:00pm


9:00am – 4:00pm

Assessor’s Office Hours:

 Monday9:00am - 4:00pm

10:00am - 6:00pm


9:00am - 4:00pm


Appointed Assessor
Michael McGuire
Phone: 518-674-2026 ext. 124
Fax: 518-674-1064

Assessor Assistant
Carla J. Engwer
Phone: 518-674-2026 ext. 135
Fax: 518-674-1064

Data Collector
Barbara Hansen
Phone: 518 674 2026 Ext. 125
Fax: 518-674-1064


What to do if you disagree with your assessment:

If you feel that your property’s assessment is too high, you have the right to a formal review of the assessment by the Board of Assessment Review (BAR) on Grievance Day.  Grievance Day is the 4th Tuesday in May.  Applications for grievance may be filed after May 1st; but no later than Grievance Day. Forms for Grievance are available at our office after May 1st or online.

NYS Grievance Form – RP-524

NYS Grievance Form Instructions – RP-524-Ins



We encourage all property owners that disagree with their assessments to call our office and make an appointment with the Assessor prior to filing a Grievance.

When grieving your assessment, you must develop your own estimate of the market value for your property.  This can be done by comparing your property to recent sales and/or current assessments of similar (comparable) properties.  The following suggested documents can help to show the Board of Assessment Review how you determined the proposed market value of your property:

  • Completed Grievance Chart – used to show the characteristics of your property and comparable properties - Blank Grievance Chart

  • Photos - showing the front and back of your house or property and photos showing the comparable properties

  • Street Map – showing the location of your property and comparable properties used in your grievance

  • Recent Sales – sales within the prior two years but before July 1st of the previous year

  • Vacant Land - include information about slope, grade, type of natural cover (trees, fields, brush, rocks, swamp, wetlands, etc.), road access / frontage

  • Commercial Property – please include income and expenses for the business

Additional information about grieving your assessment can be found on the NYS Department of Taxation and Finance website.

Important Dates:

March 1st – Taxable Status Date

This is the date that is used when determining the condition and ownership of property.  Additionally, ALL exemption applications must be received by the Assessor’s office by close of business or post-marked by the United States Post Office on or before March 1st.

 *Please note that if March 1st falls on weekend, exemption applications must be received by the following Monday.

May 1st – Tentative Assessment Roll File Date

The tentative Assessment Roll is filed this day; all properties located within the town are listed on the roll and assigned their tentative assessed values.  The roll includes ownership information, the tentative assessed value and exemption amounts.  The roll is available at my office, online, and a copy is kept by the Town Clerk.

Additionally, this is the first day for property owners to file an Assessment Grievance.

The 4th Tuesday in May – Assessment Grievance Day – Board of Assessment Review

Assessment Grievance Day is held to allow property owners and/or their representatives an opportunity to make a presentation in support of their property assessment appeal. 

For additional information regarding assessment grievance please see the What to do if you disagree with your assessment section

July 1st – Final Assessment Roll Filing Date

This is the date that final assessment roll is to be filed and made public.  The final roll incorporates changes made resulting from grievances filed and corrections made.


Additional Resources: 

To view past Assessment Rolls dating back to 2009:

To learn about the assessing process, exemptions, forms publications and your rights as a taxpayer please visit the NYS Department of Taxation and Finance Office of Real Property Tax Services:

To find Rensselaer county tax maps:




March 1, 2018
July 1, 2017
May 1, 2018
4th Tuesday in May
July 1, 2018
Real Property Database:
The Real Property Database contains parcel-level information related to the assessment of real property. This information is the basis for the property taxes paid to local governments and school districts.
Tax Calculator:
Property tax rates are based primarily on school district and municipal boundaries. Check the Property Details page of a property for school district information and then choose the appropriate combination from the Municipalities pull down menu to calculate an estimate of the total property taxes for the property, exclusive of exemptions. Note that in some cases, there may be special district taxes in addition to the categories listed here.
Michael McGuire
Phone: 518-674-2026 ext. 24
Fax: 518-674-1064
Assessor Clerk
Carla J Engwer
Phone: 518-674-2026 ext. 35
Fax: 518-674-1064
Data Collector
Barbara Hansen
Phone: 518 674 2026 Ext. 25
Fax: 518-674-1064
Uniform Percentage of Value
The percentage of market value (full value) used by an assessing unit to establish uniform assessments. This value must appear on the tentative roll. Real Property Tax Law Section 305 specifies, "all real property in each assessing unit shall be assessed at a uniform percentage of value..."
Taxable Status Date
The ownership and physical condition of real property as of this date are assessed (valued) according to price fixed as of the valuation date. All applications for property exemptions must be filed with the assessor by this date.
Residential Assessment Ratio (RAR)
A percentage established by the State Board of Real Property Services according to law, using the ratio of assessed value to the sales price for each usable residential sale in a recent one-year period. Ratios are then listed from highest to lowest; the midpoint (median) ratio is selected as the RAR. The RAR can be used to prove that a residential property is assessed at a higher level than other homes on the assessment roll. Your locality's RAR indicates at what percent of full value residential properties are assessed. For example, a RAR of 20 indicates that residential properties are assessed at approximately 20 percent of their full value. The RAR for 2015 is 100.70%
Equalization Rate
"State equalization rate" means the percentage of full value at which taxable real property in a county, city, town or village is assessed as determined by the state board." (RPTL Section 102) The rate is a ratio of the sum of the locally determined assessed values for all taxable parcels for a given assessment roll divided by ORPS's estimate of total full value for that same roll. The Equalization Rate for 2014 is 100%
Grievance Chart (PDF - 49.1 KB)
sample data (PDF - 59.9 KB)